Private lessons can be taught an indoor studio facility or an outdoor rooftop.


These sessions are open to any level of practitioner but ideally for those new to yoga and feel confused in group classes. I will provide a brief introduction to yoga philosophy, the importance of asanas and provide breathing techniques to help move through various sequences.


These sessions are for those who have been practicing yoga in a group setting or alone and want an opportunity to improve their practice through adjustments and alignment corrections. I will observe your practice and help you identify imbalances in the body, provide alignment corrections and help increase your awareness of your practice.

Small Group Classes 

Small group class (2-5 students) taught in an outdoor oasis in the middle of Brooklyn. This 60-minute class begins with a slow, alignment focused vinyasa flow and transitions into a yin practice with a focus on opening up the shoulders and hips.

You will breathe and relax your way into stretching overworked muscles in a deep, healing way.


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