Our approach combines the problem solving framework of consulting and the principles of mindfulness to transform individuals, teams and organizations. 

Consulting Services

Our consulting services use an integrated approach to solving organizational challenges. We leverage our expertise as organizational effectiveness consultants and bring in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindfulness practices to transform how people work. Specific areas of focus include — 

  • Organizational Culture Change

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching

Speaking Opportunities & Workshops  

We also provide facilitated workshops and focused working sessions to maximize individual and team performance. Our work helps break down organizational barriers, develop awareness to biases and create a culture of inclusion. Examples of previous workshops — 

  • Challenges of Start-Up Funding for Female Founders

  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset for Innovation 

  • Uncovering Biases in Career Development Practices

Coaching Services

Individual coaching solutions are ideal for individuals seeking personal transformation. Our 1:1 work helps clients define specific goals and utilizes mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga and breathe work to address external & internal barriers to change. 


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