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I met Palak during what felt like a lull in my career. Although I had recently finished a master’s degree and gainfully employed in the field of my choice, I didn’t feel that I was progressing past the internal hurdles hindering my professional growth. I felt hopelessly anxious regardless of all that was going right around me.

Though it would have been simple to focus exclusively on my performance at work, Palak encouraged tools to uncover underlying causes, despite my skepticism. With her encouragement, I began jotting down the occasional thought around my day. As this journaling habit blossomed I developed an invaluable arsenal of personal mantras to approach my professional endeavors with the confidence I so strongly desired. While also partnering with me during yoga, a form of physical expression that I at first rejected, Palak helped me to rediscover a balanced approach to caring for my body. As I gained the multi-faceted tools to explore my way forward, Palak also helped me identify opportunities to apply personal strategies in a professional setting.

Kelly, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Palak and I met at a point where I was very frustrated in my career. I was passed over for several promotions and knew I was being undervalued. Meeting Palak changed that trajectory. From pushing me to re-evaluate my resume to formulating ways to more effectively position myself in interviews; she has an innate ability to be a motivational sounding board and provide objective feedback. She’s served as a fantastic resource in advancing my career goals. But Palak didn’t let me stop there. She pushed me to ask for a salary that reflected my true market value, of which I had no real understanding without her key market insights. Between her insights and her seasoned, spot on advice, I hit my target salary in less than 2 days of negotiations – a 35% increase for me. I highly recommend working with her as a coach  — she is a reliable, no-nonsense person who understands the inner workings of the career process and will invest time in you to succeed.

Aleena, Healthcare Executive

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