Palak Patel is a strategy & organizational effectiveness consultant, meditation teacher, mindfulness coach and yogi.

Palak was born into this world as a product of a bold dream; her parents moved to New York City from India with equal parts ambition and anxiety. As the first woman in her family to graduate from college, Palak understood the value of education and began her career as a Teach For America corps member. As a high school teacher, she realized the barriers to her students’ success were outside of the classroom and bigger than any one could teacher could solve. This experience lead to a change in careers and fueled by a desire to solve organizational and systemic problems.

In the middle of her dream trip to Italy, Palak’s mother passed away suddenly and she found herself at a complete loss in how to process or grieve such a traumatic experience. She threw herself entirely into her career — working long hours, traveling every week and staying busy while remaining emotionally paralyzed. Palak fought through challenges as a woman of color in the consulting industry and against all odds, she was promoted to Director and as one of the youngest women in her organization. This success came at a cost as she found herself completely burned out and surrendered to her body’s healing process.

Palak took time off to address her physical, emotional and mental health. The journey inward took her to India to study yoga, meditation and most importantly how to master herself in order to live a more balanced, healthy and peaceful life. Through the process of surrendering & trusting, Palak was able to transform her trauma into a source of strength and developing emotional resilience. Palak understands first-hand how a mindfulness practice can lead to personal transformation and is grateful for the opportunity to guide others through her unique experience as a consultant, teacher, coach and yogi.

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