Before we can love, we must trust. Children have the gift of being able to love unconditionally without being taught to do so — they have complete trust in their world. Someone will hold them if they cry. Someone will catch them if they fall. Someone will mend their wound if they are hurt. If a child grows up in a world where they cannot trust, fear overpowers their ability to love. As adults, if we are unable to trust, we will seek and receive love but our fear is like a hole in our heart — the love comes in for a brief moment before it escapes us. If we do not heal this hole, we cannot nurture or grow love.

In the journey to getting back to our inner child and healing him or her, trust is restored.

Trust is guiding yourself with your eyes closed.

Trust is falling without knowing where you will land.

Trust is allowing things to unfold instead of pulling and pushing.

Trust is finding wisdom in not knowing the answers.

Trust is letting go of what you can’t control.

Trust is accepting things even if you do not understand them.

Trust is devoid of doubts.

Trust is surrendering to what is unknown, unseen and unheard.

Trust is believing that love is stronger than fear.

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