I stood alone.
I stopped resisting.
I admitted defeat.
I surrendered.
I closed my eyes and went inside of myself.
I sank into the burrow where my darkest thoughts lived.
I sat still as each of my fears crawled over my skin.
I cried and howled, feeling all of the pain hidden inside of my body.
I released my suffering, letting it out and letting it breathe.
I opened my eyes and realized I was sitting in my heart.
I became intimate with my fears.
I witnessed their cleverness and discovered their vulnerability.
I learned they could only survive inside darkness and ignorance.
I sparked a flame in the shadows, triggering an emotional upheaval.
I meditated through the chaos and my awareness grew the flame into a fire.
I burned every fear, insecurity and negative thought into ground.
I was finally alone.
I channeled the energy I mined from my heart into healing myself.
I filled the empty space left behind with unconditional love.
I closed my wounds and opened myself up to the universe.
I opened my eyes and felt completely at ease.
I looked in the mirror and saw my soul smiling back at me.
I laughed at the irony of the human experience.
Once I discovered who I was, I could never be alone again.

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